A Beginner’s Guide to Hiring a Skip

Skip bins are a popular means for waste collection. Skip bins help to dispose of any amount of waste affordably. But if you have never hired a skip earlier, skip hire. can help you to understand the basic process of hiring a skip.

The first time you order a skip bin, you might get overwhelmed by all the choices. You need to know certain things before you hire a skip to avoid making mistakes. You might need to know what skip size you need, the type of waste you have generated or the waste management policies. So, continue reading this post to discover everything a beginner needs to know about skip bins.

Before Hiring a Skip

Before you hire a skip, please know that there are different types of skip bins available with skip hire Greenwich for disposing of various types of waste. Typically, there are two types of skip bins – garden skip bins and junk skip bins. The garden skip is for green manure, and the junk skip bin is to dispose of the other mixed household waste.

When to Hire a Skip

Whenever you have waste to eliminate, it is time to hire a skip. However, the decision to hire a skip is only the beginning. You need to estimate your waste quantity because it will help you decide the skip size required to dispose of your waste. RMS Skip Hire provides skip bins in various sizes. If you need help figuring out the quantity of your junk, our experts can help you.

Type of Waste

The type of waste you need to dispose of will decide the price of your skip. Skip bins that hold heavy waste are usually more expensive than lighter ones.

Light Waste

  • Household and office waste: Toys, Clothes, Plastics etc.
  • Furniture and appliances: Mattresses, Washing Machine, Refrigerators and other White Goods
  • Green waste: Garden Waste
  • Light building waste: Timber

Heavy Waste

  • Sand and Soil
  • Roof Tiles
  • Crushed Rock
  • Concrete and Bricks

How to Use a Skip Bin?

For a hassle-free experience, follow the below tips to avoid the most common mistake people make when hiring a skip bin.

  • Refrain From Over Filling the Bin

The skip bin can only be filled to the rim, with no material sticking out. If your skip is overfilled, it can cause damage to the property, or you may end up paying a fine for it, and skip bin companies will not collect it. Always hire a skip bin as per the quantity of your waste. If you are still determining the size of skip you need, call a skip hire, and our experts will help you select the correct size.

  • Hire in Advance

Book your skip one or two days in advance, especially if you need a skip bin for the weekend. Most skip bin companies charge extra for last-minute skip hire.

  • Segregate Your Waste

Sort out your rubbish and figure out if your waste includes any hazardous materials because you cannot place it in a skip bin.


Skips are large, so please ensure that they will be able to access your location and that you have an appropriate space to park. If you are still doubtful about determining the area, please inform your skip-hire company in advance so they can find alternatives.

Skip Permit

A skip permit is necessary if you need to place the skip on a public road. Generally, your skip permit will be taken care of by your skip hire company on your behalf. However, there may be a separate charge for it. You must consider whether the skip is needed for a day or a week as you will need parking accordingly.

Wait and Load Skip

Wait and load services are for those who need to remove their waste quickly or need more space to place the skip overnight. This service will deliver the skip the same day; your skip hire company will collect it after you load it.

Can I get Help While Loading a Skip?

Some skip-hire companies do not include labour costs. It is essential that you organise the help you need to load the skip. Please ensure that you load the skip safely at all times and only attempt to lift items that are light enough. Please let your skip-hire company know if you have many bulky items or heavy waste.

How Long Can I Keep the Skip?

Determine how many days you will require the skip and book a skip accordingly. A skip hire company generally allows you to keep a skip for one or two weeks. If you are required to keep a skip for more than two weeks, you may have to pay extra, and if you change the time frame after hiring a skip, please let your skip provider know on time so they can make arrangements accordingly.


RMS Skip Hire collects your waste and processes it using three recycling plants in London, allowing us to send only 1% of the rubbish to the landfill. We ensure that the waste is sorted as per the waste type and have as much waste recycled as possible.


Once you have all the information about your waste, call RMS Skip Hire, and our experts will advise you on all the skip-related matters, but having basic knowledge before you hire a skip will make the process easier and faster.

It will surely take some planning from your end before you book a skip. However, once things are in the correct order, you can have a stress-free experience.

For the most affordable skip bins, visit our website or call +44 20 8131 0044.

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