Skip Hire in Charlton: How Your Garbage is Responsibly Managed

Whether you are a homeowner who spent the weekend cleaning the garden in Charlton or venturing into a DIY project, or a construction project manager looking to efficiently manage construction waste, hiring a skip is the most effective solution. Contacting a Skip Hire in Charlton not only removes rubbish from your sight and mind but also ensures it is handled responsibly. But what exactly happens to the garbage once you’ve put it in a skip?

Many residents in Charlton, from SE7 and beyond, might still believe that once a skip is collected, its contents go straight to the landfill. Those days are long gone! Both government and businesses in the Charlton area are taking greater responsibility for the ethical disposal of waste by minimizing the amount that goes to landfills. Skip hire companies in Charlton endeavour to recycle as much garbage as possible. Most of these companies operate with a dedicated waste transfer station, where the skip is dropped off and sorted before disposal. This post covers all the stages that your skip goes through before it reaches a landfill, showcasing our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint.

Understanding How Skip Hires in Charlton Can Help Reduce the Environmental Footprint

Step 1 – Collection

Once you have engaged a skip hire service in Charlton, they will arrange a date and time, and a driver will arrive to collect the waste from your property. After the skip has been removed from the site, it is taken to a local waste transfer station if the company does not have a dedicated facility.

2. Sorting 

At the waste transfer station, your skip’s contents are meticulously sorted. Large bulky items are removed first, and the remaining waste items are divided into categories for recycling. Here’s how some common wastes are recycled in Charlton:

  1. Garden Waste: Converted into compost, providing a natural boost to farms and gardens in and around Charlton.
  2. Building Materials: Materials like glass, bricks, and concrete are either reused in their natural form or crushed and reused in construction projects across Charlton.
  3. Wood: Wood from old furniture or construction sites is chipped and used in various industries or burned to create energy.
  4. Scrap Material: Any recovered scrap metal is processed and often exported, serving as a valuable commodity in developing countries.
  5. Electric Appliances: While not all electronic goods are recyclable, items like old computers and stereo players are recycled and reused where possible.

Choosing the Right Skip Company in Charlton

When choosing a skip company in Charlton, consider more than just rates and availability. Opt for a company that disposes of your waste efficiently and ethically, thus contributing to environmental conservation. At RMS Skip Hire in Charlton, we follow an ethically focused approach. We save you the hassle of making trips to the dump and ensure that your recyclable waste is utilized appropriately, ultimately reducing your environmental footprint.


Choosing RMS Skip Hire in Charlton means more than just removing unwanted items; it’s about making a responsible choice for the environment. Our commitment to ethical waste management ensures that most of the waste we collect is recycled, reducing the need for landfill usage and minimizing environmental impact. By selecting our services, you are not only clearing space at your site or home but also contributing to a sustainable future. Remember, effective waste management starts with informed choices—choose a skip hire service that aligns with your values and our planet’s needs. For any further questions or to arrange a skip hire that suits your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can make a difference in waste management in Charlton and beyond.


What types of waste can I put in a skip in Charlton?

You can dispose of most household and construction waste, except for hazardous materials such as asbestos, batteries, and chemicals.

Do I need a permit for a skip hire in Charlton?

Yes, if the skip is placed on public property, a permit from the local council is required. We can assist with obtaining this permit.

How long can I hire a skip in Charlton?

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