Which Size of Skip To Consider For Domestic Skip Hire?

Decluttering and clearing your houses can be a satisfying experience. But, it is not that easy to perform that job. Nobody wants to have their house full of unwanted junk. With so many unused items in your home, sometimes it can be challenging to decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.

So, if you are looking forward to freeing up some space in your property, you should necessarily have a clear idea about where to start. Also, it can be challenging to dispose of particularly heavy or large items whenever it comes to renovating your house. Here comes the role of skip hire companies.

But, before you opt for the assistance of skip hire companies, you should have a clear idea about the different sizes of the skip. It will help you to choose the right size for your domestic needs.

Skips are available in many different sizes and are suited to contain almost anything. Only a few items are impossible to dispose of via. skip. So, it is clear that it is incredibly effective whenever it comes to getting rid of unwanted household items.

Now, let’s enter into this discussion by uncovering many things about skip and which size suits domestic projects best. Before you choose a skip hire Bromley and London company, these things are a must to know.

What Is Your Skip For?

As you are reading this blog post, it is evident that you are looking to hire a skip for your domestic needs. But, this is not the end; you also need to determine the item types for which you require to hire a skip.

For smaller items, small skip hire is considered a viable option. A mini 4 yard builder skip is ideal for small gardens or standard household waste disposal. However, comparatively larger items like furniture pieces or mattresses require more room.

So, in this case, 6 yard builder skips are known to be ideal. These skips are generally designed to dispose of bulky items, making those the best option for a large-scale renovation project.

When choosing your skip, it is essential to consider both size and volume. You would be able to determine the capacity of a skip by how many bags of waste can fit into it. So, one of the best ideas is first to start separating your items into bags. It will help you decide which skip size would be best for your requirements.

But, if you find that your waste is not suitable for bagging, you need to assess your junk volume mentally. It is possible by thinking about how much space it will occupy in the skip.

So, it would help if you decided how much of the junk you are planning to put in your skip to figure out what size of skip best suits your requirements. A too-small skip will fail to serve the purpose, whereas a too-large skip will cost you extra money. It is why you need to consider your project carefully before making any decision. Now, let’s discuss the different skip sizes that are available with a professional skip hire company.

Various Skip Sizes

After learning how to select the right skip, you need to look at the available options. The capacities of the skips that a company stocks will depend on the business size and their client base. If a particular company does not possess a big enough skip to suit your project requirements, you need to go for another service provider. So, before you reach a final decision, you should be sure to shop around.

You will find the availability of many companies like RMS Skip Hire who strive to provide skips of varying sizes. It ranges from mini 4 yard builder skip to industrial maxi 12 yard builder skip. This diverse size of skips helps to fulfil the needs of both small and large scale ventures. The section below will discuss some of the most common skip sizes suitable for domestic projects.

Mini 4 Yard Builder Skip

The 4 yard skip is the smallest skip size, which we offer at RMS Skips. This skip size is ideal for small bathroom refits, small home clearances and house renovations. It is regarded as one of the most versatile options available on the market, having a capacity of 40 to 50 black bin bags.

6 Yard Builder Skip

A 6 yard skip is best suited for larger projects. So, if you are moving home and want to get rid of your unused items to lighten your load, then this option is ideal for you. It is also a great option to choose if you are in the middle of a large bathroom or kitchen renovation.

8 Yard Builder Skip

These skips are designed for accommodating heavy and awkwardly shaped items. The 8 yard skip is considered an appropriate solution for more extensive home renovations and larger building projects of mixed waste.

End Words

RMS Skip Hire is one of the best skip hire London and Bromley companies, proudly offering waste collection, management, and processing services. To get a comprehensive list of the skips that we offer here at RMS Skips, all that you need is to visit our website. To get a quote for your domestic skip hire, contact us today.

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