What Are The Factors That Affect Skip Bin Hire Prices?

Skip hire is commonly used throughout the UK for residential and commercial purposes. They are flexible and convenient means of waste disposal. However, there is always a risk factor of receiving substandard and unreliable skip hire prices or services. 

That’s why skip hire Bromley has noted down a few points that may play a significant role in your skip hire prices.

Factors affect skip-hire services and make your experience cost-effective.

Please read on to learn what factors affect skip-hire services and make your experience cost-effective.

  • Council Prices

Under council rules and regulations, you require a skip-hire permit if you place a skip on the road. Keeping a skip on your private land or property does not require a skip permit. Various councils charge varying fees, ranging from £15 to more than £60. Skip-hire Bromley will take care of your skip-hire license; we include it within the skip-hire prices.

  • Regional Prices

Skip hire generally depends on the country you reside in. In London, skip-hire prices are higher than in the North of England. Contact RMS Skip Hire, and our experts will guide you in hiring a skip in your area.

  • Skip Hire Period

Skip hire duration is directly proportional to the skip prices. Please note that some councils only issue skip permits for shorter periods of 14 days to the one-month maximum. Permit extension is possible but may cost more than the daily surcharge. However, some skip providers provide a skip for unlimited hire, so if you are not sure when your project will get over, this might be a suitable option.


You need to follow the weight limits mentioned by your skip-hire provider. Please ensure that you do not overload your skip or debris must not overhang the edges of a skip; otherwise, your skip provider may not be able to take the skip to follow safety protocols.

Restricted Items

Before hiring a skip, you must ensure what kind of waste will be allowed in your skip. There are some restrictions to it. Generally, items not permitted on your skip are taken to the recycling centre run by the local council.

Each skip hire company has rules and regulations on what can or cannot be allowed in the skip. Please check with them after you figure out the quantity of your waste. If you keep prohibited items in the skip, you will be charged a penalty for the skip.

Skip hire Bromley empties your waste, sorts it out as per the waste category, and reaches the landfill and recycling plant. So, attempting to hide any restricted items will not be beneficial to you.

Hidden Cost

It will help ensure that no hidden charges are applicable with your skip hire. Ensure all the costs are upfront, and the skip hire company will also let you know if any other service is more cost-effective for your needs.

Skip Size

Knowing the quantity of your waste will make it easier to choose the right skip size. A domestic skip size ranges from 2 cubic yards to 16 cubic yards. The larger the skip will guarantee more waste disposal.

Deciding on a skip size for your trash will be challenging without proper planning. In such situations, you may hire another skip at an added cost so your junk does not overflow the skip.


Distance is one of the critical deciding factors in the skip hire cost. If the skip provider is near your location, it will not impact the cost of your skip hire. Some companies may charge extra for hard-to-reach areas.

It will help if you get in touch with a skip hire Bromley. We will save you from spending extra money.

The Company You Hire From

Each company has its pricing policy, and it is always better to have a comparative analysis of quotes from several companies. It will help you decide on the skip hire company in your budget. However, do not opt for cheap skip hire at the cost of quality services. Just because skip hire is cheap, it does not guarantee professional services.

Skip Hire Prices in 2022

In 2022, skip-hire prices will vary due to various factors, and it is better to consider them all to ensure you get the best value.

Each skip hire company has to dispose of the waste using a combination of recycling, incineration and landfill. In 2019, landfill tax increased to nearly £100 per tonne of waste. Also, the mini skip is as low as £195, while the 10-yard skip could be double the price.

Another significant aspect to consider is to confirm whether you require a skip permit or not. The permit price ranges from £15 to £60+ depending upon the distance of your location. The national standard price for an off-road 8-yard skip is around £300. Permits may increase the skip-hire costs.


RMS Skip provides convenient skip hire services in South East London and West Kent. Various skip sizes are available at economical prices to meet your requirements. No matter how trivial the waste removal is, our experts are experienced enough to collect your waste efficiently.

Call us on +44 20 8131 0044 to learn more about our service or book your skip online with us.


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