The Ultimate Guide To Hiring the Right Skip For Waste Removal

Waste removal can prove to be a very demanding job in the absence of right skips. Whether you need to remove waste from a demolition site or a construction site it’s important to hire quality skips to improve your onsite efficiency. Improper waste management has severe consequences for the environment.

So, if you want to save the environment from pollution it’s really important for you to follow correct waste management rules.

Executing a home renovation project or garden cleaning are some of those activities that are undertaken frequently by people, and if you are also planning to do the same make sure you hire appropriate skips to ensure that the waste generated from your project is managed properly.

Skip hire is the most inexpensive and convenient way of managing the rubbish generated on the job site.

Tips For Hiring Ideal Skips For Your Project

Find The Best Skip Hire Company

In order to hire quality skips for your project, it is crucial for you to find a reliable company in the first place. In order to do that, you have to make a list of at least 2-3 skip hire companies in your town and then read customer reviews about them. Go to their websites to figure out the kind of services they offer. Once you are done with analysing those 2-3 skip hire companies, then choose the one among them which offers best services. It’s always important for you to avoid the services of an incompetent skip hire company.

Don’t Go For A Company That Doesn’t Maintain Transparency

If in case a company is unable to give a clear information to you on their policies or the kind of rules they follow to maintain transparency, then it’s better to look for some other option. In short, the company from where you hire skips must be able to provide detailed information on delivery of the equipment and hidden charges. So make sure you stick to a reputed company like RMS Skip Hire for hiring perfect skips.

Compare The Price

There is no denying that each company that you approach for skips will have their own rates based on the kind of services they offer to customers. So, it’s crucial to compare the prices of different skip hire companies, in order to hire inexpensive equipment for your project. In other words, if you want to get the best value for your money, don’t make any decision without comparing prices offered by top companies in your area.

Figure Out The Amount of Waste That Will Be Generated

You must have a valid idea about the amount of waste that will be generated on your site because that plays a crucial role in hiring ideal size of skips. So, if in case your project will be generating large quantities of waste then it’s better to hire large size skips. For example, you can either go for 10-yard builder skips or 12-yard builder skips because they are perfect for both medium and large-scale waste removal and disposal projects.

Identify Items That You Can’t Put Into Skips

It’s really important for you to understand that there are several things that you can’t put in a skip, so you have to identify the right methods for getting rid of them. Things like batteries, petrol and diesel, solvents, fluorescent tubes, toxic materials and gas bottles can’t be thrown into a skip. In addition to that, you should also be very careful when it comes to getting rid of clinical waste, computer monitors, and paint cans because they are also not allowed to be kept in skips.

Get A Permit To Place Skips On Road

If in case you do not have enough space for placing skips on your site, you have to take permit from the council to keep them on the road. Yes, you can utilise a public space to place your skips if you have a permit.

So, whenever you need skips make sure that you choose a right skip hire company to get quality services.

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