Skip Bin Guide: Discover The Things That Cannot be Recycled

A skip or a skip bin is commonly used as a huge open-topped waste management container that is designed to load waste, rubbish, or unwanted materials. Using a skip bin Bromley is an efficient and effective way to dispose of waste material and old items easily. Skip bin hire also helps you to manage waste for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Before disposing of any waste or unwanted material into the skip bin, it is important to understand whether they are recyclable or not.

Recycling is a marvelous alternative to traditional waste removal methods, and in turn can reduce water waste, land & air pollution. Recycling is an excellent way to control waste production instead of burning or piling of rubbish into landfills.

As there are a lot of products made of multiple materials like wood, steel, glass, bricks, cement, etc. Identifying them is a daunting task. Recycling material needs proper sorting, cleaning and classification before it can be recycled completely. Here is the list of common materials that are actually not recyclable.

1. Shredded Paper

Many people prefer to shred their documents and important papers before throwing them away or dump them into the mini skip hire. Shredding papers is the common option for people to keep their files confidential. Shredding paper destroys its natural fibers, so during recycling, it will not hold its actual shape perfectly anymore.

2. Paper &/or Cardboard Food Containers

Food containers made of paper or cardboard cannot be put in the recycled skip bin. Grease and food residue directly affect the quality and effectiveness of paper and cardboard, you cannot recycle them. For instance, used paper plates, pizza or sweet wrapped boxes, etc. Whether you remove the parts contaminated with food, you can hire a cheap skip bin and recycle the rest of the parts efficiently.

3. Ceramics

Many things that are made of ceramic are recyclable because they seem similar to glass in many ways. However, these ceramic products like broken crockeries, kitchenware are not recyclable as recyclable glasses.

4. Paper Towels, Napkins and Tissue Products.

Despite being produced by paper, used tissues, paper towels and napkins are not at all recyclable. These paper products are considered contaminated and unsuitable for recycling. There are a lot of reasons like food residues, body fluids, hygiene issues and even toilet use. These reasons make these products ineffective for recycling.

5. Grocery Plastic Bags

Thick plastic bags made from lower-density polyethylene (LDPE) can be recycled. But, the majority of these kinds of plastic bags available in the market are not suitable for recycling. As grocery bags are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they are too thin for recycling machines. They wrap around the machine screws and other parts and potentially stop its working.

6. Small pieces of Metal such as wire and foils

Small pieces of aluminum foils, thin wires, etc. are not suitable for the recycling process.

7. Electronic Waste

Electronic waste can be recycled effectively but it cannot be dumped in a skip bin. That is why only a small percentage of these items get recycled. It is impossible to recycle a large number of electronic items. There are drop-off points of these items as they can be hazardous to handle.

Need Assistance to Recycle Your Waste? Hire Skip Bins Now!

Instead of placing all waste items into recycling skip bins, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of recyclable goods. It may be a good idea to consult a professional skip bin hire instead of putting them into skip bins directly. Cheap skip hire can be used efficiently to manage waste in commercial, residential and industrial areas.

You can hire recycling skip bins that are designed specifically, marked with slogans promoting recycling procedures on a blue or green background. If you require any help in setting skip bins and want expert guidance, contact experienced skip bin suppliers and experts today. They will help you with your waste disposal and removal.

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