Risks of Overloading a Skip

We often dump our commercial or domestic waste into one Skip. We want to get rid of it, so we try to fit everything together. But it can be hazardous for pedestrians or motorists traveling near it. Your skip provider will be at risk, too. You may need to think about several things when you hire a skip. One of them is – the risks associated with overloading skip. Any hazardous waste in the Skip, such as asbestos, can pose a significant danger to anyone close to the Skip. Hence, it is necessary to throw your rubbish carefully. Instead of stacking up all your waste to a precarious level, follow the hints and tips provided by RMS Skip Hire in this blog to fill up a skip safely and responsibly, along with the list of items that cannot be added to a skip.

Why shouldn’t you overload a skip?

The Skip can become very heavy.

It will be difficult for the provider to take the Skip away and put them in danger. The vehicle could be under unnecessary burden as it is only designated to carry a certain weight. It can also affect the speed of a vehicle.

Objects may fall out and injure somebody.

The higher you fill the Skip, the more likely it will fall. You can only fill a skip to its maximum capacity level; it is the point where the waste gets stable. Objects will fall out beyond that point and cause injury to someone. It may also damage property or roads.

It will be risky to transport.

It will be unsafe to transport an overflowing skip. Skip hire companies always refuse to move such Skip as their employee may face danger. In such cases, they reassemble the waste or call for another skip.

You will be fined.

Law does not permit filling the Skip above the maximum load level. If they catch you, they will put a hefty penalty on you. There is also a chance of legal action if someone gets injured by your overflowing Skip.

Choose the Right Skip Size

Skip companies offer a range of skip sizes to suit your requirements. Discuss your needs with them before you book a skip. They will help you select the correct size of Skip for your waste disposal.

How to Avoid Overloading a Skip?

Irrespective of whether you carry a skip, estimate how much waste you will generate. Your estimation will help you decide the correct skip size for your trash; you will also save money as you will not be fined for overfilling a skip and will get charged for a skip.

If you cannot figure out what size skip you should get, contact RMS Skip. We’d be happy to help you with our available options. You can also inquire about the prohibited items, so you do not get fined. Your skip provider will not take the Skip away if it contains banned items, so it is always better to check with them first.

Do not throw things in the Skip haphazardly; be mindful of using your space. Here is a list of tips to follow while you fill your Skip, allowing you to utilize the space efficiently to its maximum potential, without overloading the skip.

  • Make a list of more oversized items – Your house furniture fits into this list, such as a sofa or bed. It can be dismantled and put up into smaller pieces. It will make it easier for you to keep it in the Skip and save space.
  • Keep flat items at the bottom, such as doors, sheets of wood or dismantled kitchen cabinets. You can either lay it at the bottom or slide it down on the side of the Skip. Make sure that it does not rise above the skip walls.
  • Keep heavy items on top of everything; it will help you flatten whatever is underneath. If there is any space remaining after you load the Skip, break down some items and fill them with small pieces.

Inside the Skip, a maximum fill line is drawn on it; it indicates the height to which you can fill it. It is often in red and is present on each side of Skip.

List of Prohibited Items in the Skip

You cannot put prohibited items into Skip; otherwise, you will be heavily fined. The prohibited items include :

  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Asbestos
  • TV, computer or any other electronic item, appliances
  • Solvents
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Plasterboard
  • Tins of paint
  • Gas Cylinders
  •  Fuels
  •  Medical waste

If any item is not included in the above list, you must ask your skip provider whether it can be disposed of in the Skip provided.

Summing up

RMS Skip provides easy and reliable skip hire in South East London and Waste Kent. We have various skip sizes available to meet your requirements. Check out our different skip sizes to decide which is suitable for your needs. No matter how big or small the waste removal might be, we will be able to cater to your needs with our available skip options. Be rest assured that your waste will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

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