Recycle and Reduce Waste with Skip Hire Services in Blackheath

The average household and industries are known to produce significant amounts of waste every year. Moreover, with the UK generating 222.2 million tonnes of waste in 2018 and rising figures, finding sustainable ways to manage and reduce waste is becoming increasingly crucial.

It has been proven that eco-friendly waste management can majorly contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. And the most effective way to reduce waste production is incorporating the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) in our daily lives. 

Furthermore, hiring a professional Skip Hire London service for recycling and reducing waste can be a robust solution. When people think of hiring a skip, they assume the waste is in landfills. But it’s not necessarily the case. Some reputed Skip Hire services even recycle the collected waste.

Read on to learn about reducing, reusing, and recycling, the stages of recycling, and how Skip Hire Blackheath services recycle waste.  

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Almost everyone has learned the 3 Rs of responsible waste management in school. These are the three critical components of environmentally responsible waste management – reduce, reuse, and recycle. 


Reducing among 3 Rs implies minimizing the number of materials and goods people consume. It means limiting the number of purchases that an individual tends to make in the first place. 

Do you need to shop for a pair of sneakers or a hair dryer? Try following three-day rules to determine your real needs and avoid impulse purchases:

  • If you are considering buying something non-essential, wait at least three days.
  • If you still need to buy the product, shop for it. 

Often, people need to remember about the non-essential item after three days. Another way to incorporate a ‘reduce’ strategy in your daily life is budgeting. For instance, when considering buying a new TV while the old one works fine, save up money in small amounts until you can afford the new one without using a credit card. 


Reuse is another significant component of 3 Rs. It involves taking old items that you are thinking of discarding and figuring out a new use for them. For instance, you can use jars from the grocery store to store any kitchen item or use old clothing as cleaning rags. Sometimes your items can also be reused by others. For example, you can donate your old clothes and give them a second life. 


It is the most popular component among the 3 Rs. If you work with a professional Skip Hire firm offering recycling pick-up services, you will be familiar with recycling paper, metal, and plastic materials. Recycling involves processing waste products into other valuable goods. Glass, cardboard, paper, metal, tires, plastic, electronics, batteries, and textiles are some popular recyclable materials. 

How Skip Hire Blackheath Services Recycle Wastes?

Many renowned companies, such as RMS Skip Hire Blackheath, take pride in recycling as much waste as possible. Such companies provide different types of bins to clients. Then the waste from the bins is collected and separated at the company’s waste transfer station, and ensured that it is either recycled or reused. 

Stages of Recycling

With the world realizing the need to recycle waste products, around 44.4% of waste in the United Kingdom was recycled in 2020.

The professional Skip Hire Blackheath follows three vital stages for recycling waste products, and these are:


Skips rarely contain a single type of material; rather, there will be a mixture of different waste products. People usually use these bins to dispose of various items, such as plastics, metals, papers, fabrics, clothing, kitchen waste, and other products. Therefore, separating and sorting different materials is essential to recycle waste. Some professional Skip Hire and waste management services help in sorting waste products. 


After sorting the waste, each material will fall into a specific waste category. And then, professional Skip Hire and waste management companies will treat each waste category differently. For instance, wood is usually processed with a wood chipper, or building rubble is crushed. This processing and treatment stage further prepares the waste products for the final stage of the recycling process, i.e., turning them into new materials or items. 

Recycling and Repurposing

In the last stage, the processed waste that could be recycled is recycled. Then, the recycled products are further transported to the right place to reuse. And the waste materials that can’t be processed or recycled may end up in landfills or be disposed of using another safe method. Alternatively, sometimes Skip Hire companies send such products to another facility for recycling.

Choosing the Best Skip Hire Service in Blackheath

Remember that not all Skip Hire services are proficient in recycling waste. Therefore, you must look for the reputed and skilled Skip Hire London service that could help in better waste management, more accessible rubbish collection, and improved waste disposal.

Here listed are some factors considering which you can choose the best Skip Hire Blackheath service:

  • Waste Type

The first important factor is the type of waste you want to dispose of. Although most skip-hire companies are experts in offering general waste services, some skip-hire companies can also offer specialized waste management services for disposing of hazardous waste, construction waste, and other specific materials. Consulting the local skip hire company is an effective way to determine which services you need. 

  • Skip Sizes

Another major factor to consider is the size of the skip you need to dispose of waste. The skip’s size will depend on how much waste your house or any project will generate over a specific period. 

RMS Skip Hire offers skips of different sizes- mini 4-yard builder, 6-yard builder, 8-yard builder, 10-yard builder, and industrial maxi 12-yard builder skip, suitable for disposing of different quantities of waste.

  • Pricing

While working with a professional Skip Hire service saves time and effort in collecting, transporting, and recycling waste, these services come with charges. Several factors, like skip size, services, location, local waste management regularities, etc., can affect skip-hire prices. Therefore, you should research these elements to determine a reasonable price.

  • Delivery Options

Skip-hire companies often offer delivery options based on the skip’s size requirements. For instance, companies could pick up multiple skips from the destination simultaneously for small sizes. And the larger bins can be picked up one at a time. 


The generation of waste in massive quantities is among the significant threats to the environment, humans, and the planet. Now that the planet is severely suffering from the outcomes of waste generation, it’s high time to deploy eco—friendly waste management practices for a better future. 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) is the most popular environmentally-friendly waste management method everyone should practice. 

When disposing of waste, you will need a good Skip Hire service. Moreover, the importance of hiring the best Skip Hire London service increases when considering recycling waste materials to contribute to a sustainable environment. One of the most recognized Skip Hire Blackheath companies, RMS Skip Hire, is your go-to solution for effective waste disposal and recycling at affordable charges. 


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