Manage Your Commercial Waste With Skip Hire

Whether clearing out your office, renovating or demolishing it, hiring a skip becomes essential for your business. But do you know what factors to consider before booking your commercial skip hire

RMS Skip approaches commercial clients for skip hire in Deptford on a case-to-case basis, considering the amount of waste the business has generated, the frequency of waste collection and how much waste needs to be sorted for recycling. It helps us to offer tailor-made waste management solutions for our client’s needs and help you clear your trash safely, legally and efficiently. 

Let’s look at what you need to know before hiring a commercial skip hire in Deptford so you can make the right decision for your business.

What Is Commercial Skip Hire?

Commercial skip hire refers to the service offered by RMS Skip, which manages your commercial waste. Businesses generally produce a significant amount of garbage. You can rent a sizeable outdoor skip container to fill your business’s waste. Once it is complete, your skip hire company will collect it to process your waste. 

Examples of Business waste

  • Construction 
  • Demolition 
  • Industry
  • Agriculture 

Responsibilities of Business Owners In The UK

Waste management might be a headache for some businesses, primarily if they produce any waste classified as ‘hazardous’. However, following the correct treatment for your business waste can significantly impact the bottom line. Also, staying on the side of the law is always advisable to ensure that your business is not slammed with heavy fines for incorrect disposal. 

Your responsibilities for commercial waste management as per the UK Government.

  • Produce minimum waste. Prevent, reuse, recycle, or recover waste by collaborating with waste management companies. 
  • Sort the waste as per the guidelines given by your skip-hire company. 
  • Complete a waste transfer document for each load of waste. It is a note detailing the waste information. You can download a waste transfer note here. Please keep a copy of all waste transfer notes for future reference so they are available to show to your local council. Also, you can inquire with skip hire Lewisham if your business can get a season ticket for a series of loads. 
  • Please ensure your waste bin is legally registered, and make sure your skip hire company dispose of your waste legally. 
  • If you produce hazardous waste, it must not harm or damage anyone. Please consult skip hire in Deptford about what is considered hazardous waste and what is not!
  • You cannot move your commercial waste between countries for disposal. However, you can import or export commercial waste to produce energy. 

Management of Your Commercial Waste

  • Assess Your Business 

The initial step to managing your commercial waste is to assess the types and amount of waste your business produces. It will help you identify waste that can be recycled, composted, or donated. Some common examples of business waste include paper, plastic, glass and electronics. 

  • Storage On Site

Any waste generated on your site will need storage for a specific time before it gets collected. As a business owner, you must ensure the waste is stored safely.

  • Pre-Treatment of Waste 

Pre-treatment of your commercial waste is a legal obligation under Landfill Regulations. The business owner must declare that this process has been completed when a skip hire Lewisham transports waste to a landfill site. 

It is a process of removing waste for recycling and reducing the amount of garbage sent to landfills. There are two options for pre-treatment of destruction, segregate the recyclable material on your own, or your skip hire company collects your mixed waste and processes it at their recycling facility. 

  • Reduce Your Waste

Please minimise the amount of packaging used in your products. It will help you reduce the amount of waste produced. You will need fewer resources to do it, and it will also save you money. By taking these small steps, your business can achieve short- and long-term waste reduction goals. 

  • Encourage Your Team

Recycle your commercial waste so that your team has an example to recycle waste produced by them. Have a united goal to create a greener business that pushes your employees to apply sustainable practices in their daily lives. It may include cycling to work or avoiding single-use plastic.

  • Hire A Skip

Skip hire Deptford can help your business recycle more efficiently. Our team will handle the collection and disposal of your waste. We can help you determine the best disposal schedule and find ways to recycle more of your commercial waste. 

  • Recycle 

Recycling your commercial waste has many benefits for your business and the environment. It also helps conserve natural resources and reduces the pollution caused by waste products. Moreover, recycling creates jobs and supports the economy of your nation. 


RMS Skip understands that managing commercial waste is essential to run a business. By following the steps summarised in this blog, you can effectively manage your business’s commercial waste. Book a skip with us for the proper waste arrangement and recycling of your business waste. 


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