How To Keep Your Construction Site Clean & Tidy With Skip Hire Bromley?

If you are reading this article, it probably means that you are either managing a construction site or working on it. So, you must already know how much volume of rubbish a construction site produces and how tedious it can be to manage it.

Inefficient waste management and garbage accumulation on the site reduce workers’ efficiency, make the site messy, and pose a health threat to workers.

To avoid such hassles, builders must prepare a proper waste disposal procedure. An easy solution to manage construction waste is arranging for a skip bin from a professional skip hire Bromley company.

This blog has mentioned the benefits of keeping your construction site tidy and practical tips to help you do the same. Read on to how to make your site clean, safe, and orderly with skip hire.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Construction Sites Tidy

Workplace Safety

More often than not, construction site injuries are due to improper management and materials lying around on the site. A clean site will allow workers to find things easily and avoid unnecessary climbing and moving around.

A more organized site will also allow the safe movement of delivery vehicles and suppliers without sharp things and scattered debris being an obstacle to them.

Improved Efficiency

A tidy site not only makes your building site safer but also makes it easier to work in. This is yet another incredible advantage of availing of cheap skip hire. You can cost-effectively manage your rubbish and avoid extra repair and maintenance costs due to inefficiency.

With skips in place at the site, there won’t be scattered debris all over the place, and a clean environment will allow workers to carry out their tasks faster and more efficiently.
However, while choosing the skip sizes for your project, you need to ensure that you don’t hire too many skips. If so, the site may be filled with too many skips, which can occupy a lot of areas and negatively affect the efficiency of workers.

Better Reputation

In the construction industry, the visual appearance of a structure is very important. If a potential client visits your site when it is filled with debris and scraps, it can negatively impact their minds.

On the other hand, a well-maintained site translates the professionalism of you and your team in the eyes of a potential client and improves your reputation. Placing a mini skip at appropriate distances will ensure that everything is in place and help you maintain a spotless appearance of the construction site.

Tips To Keep Your Construction Site Clean

Minimize Wastage Production

The less waste you produce, the easier it will be to dispose of it efficiently. To maintain cleanliness on the site, it is essential to follow a conscious approach throughout the construction process. Here are some tips from our skip hire Bromley experts to minimize construction waste.

  • Ensure that the products you buy are of the right quality so that you don’t end up with excessively damaged products and scrap material.
  • Buy materials with minimal packaging.
  • While using the products, measure them accurately and use only what you need.

Put Extra Tools Away

Nothing makes a construction site messier than ‘Redundant tools’ that are lying around for no reason. Whatever tools are not utilized on your project, put them aside.

Workers often have busy schedules at construction sites, due to which ‘tools arrangement’ can be sidelined. In this case, hiring a Mini skip would be an excellent option for you to store the tools efficiently.

Arrange Rubbish Removal

Arranging for skip hires in advance would make sure that your waste is disposed of properly. We can help you with all your skip requirements at RMS skips in Bromley, London & Kent.

We offer highly competitive skip hire prices for effortless waste disposal. If your construction site is located in or around the locations mentioned above, contact our team and book your rubbish removal ahead of time to keep your operations running with ease.

Allocate A Separate Area For Waste Disposal

Practicing this approach from the beginning of your project will ensure that the entire construction is carried out without a glitch and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The first step is to choose an ideal bin size from multiple skip sizes and hire it at an appropriate skip hire cost. Next, you have to sort the rubbish into two categories, i.e., recyclable and non-recyclable.

Once you segregate the waste, allocate a separate area for rubbish materials. Stack all the wastage in an orderly manner and ensure that your skip bins are not overfilled.

Perform A Final Cleaning

After all the work has been completed, the last step is to grab the brooms and perform a thorough sweeping & cleaning of the site.
Get rid of the remaining debris, remove additional protective covers from glass, floor, etc. and dispose of them in the skip bin.
Lastly, after the cleaning is complete, you will have to call your skip company and arrange for the collection date.


There are several benefits of hiring skips for construction waste management. It keeps your site clean & tidy, improves efficiency, and you can be at ease that your garbage is disposed of in an environmentally friendly and legal manner.

At RMS Skips, we provide skip hire Bromley in various skip sizes. We work with a trustable and highly experienced team to ensure you get efficient waste management at affordable skip hire prices.

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