How to Keep Pests Away From Your Mini Skip Bins

Skips bins are undoubtedly one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to waste management issues. Especially, when you hire mini skips for your residential waste management. They are useful for several occasions like cleaning routines, renovations, landscaping, and seasonal cleaning sprees. While they solve the problem of appropriate garbage disposal, the users have often complained about the issue that skips tend to attract a lot of attention from pests, rodents, and other vile creatures. Skip-hire companies can often help with guidelines to avoid such problems especially when hiring builder skips that store a large amount of rubbish that is accumulated over a period of time.

Avoid the Diseases Brought Along by These Pests in Skip Bins

The pests and rodents infesting the skip bins present a serious problem. Apart from their annoyance, creepiness, and destruction of materials, they also bring along diseases like asthma. They may trigger allergic reactions or can be carriers of disease-causing microorganisms. You can use the following tips and tricks to keep contaminating agents as far away from their skips as possible.

Place the Skip Bins Strategically

In order to keep the skips pest-free keep them away from fences, sheds, or any other such areas which are easily accessible to insects, rodents, and other crawlers. The skip hire company can help you relocate the bin in case of a large boulder skip. You can shift small mini skips on your own to keep them away from any poles or posts that can be climbed by some clever pests. The bin placement should be such that it is not in proximity to garden trellises or ground pools to stop the infestation of bugs prevailing in those areas. The correct placement will act as a key element to avoid unwanted creatures thriving in your garbage.

Always Cover the Skip

This is an important piece of advice by every individual who has experienced rodents in their bins. Having a lid that covers the bins seems to be an effective way to keep rats and mice out of the picture, especially when using skips for landscaping or discarding organic waste. This is applicable even when the skips are empty and should be a conscious practice when they contain garbage. A lid also prevents the wind or other larger animals from toppling the garbage onto the ground. The construction sites can also use plastic or a wrap of a similar sort if they lack lids for the huge builder skips.

Spray Repellents in the Skip Bin

Pest control usually relies on pesticides and other similar chemicals to get rid of unwanted critters. Repellants, on the other hand, are used as a preventive measure implemented before any such infestation occurs. The chemical formulas are able to deter or drive the bugs and insects away from the skip bins and their components. If you wish to refrain from using chemicals, some natural products are also available as an alternative option. Research has shown that Citronella oil can keep wasps, mosquitoes, and other insects away. Also, peppermint, bergamot, and chili emit odors that are known to drive the rodents away.

Finally, Make a Constant Effort Towards Maintaining a Clean Skip

This step should be mandatory and come as an instinct instilled subconsciously. The pests are more attracted to food wastes and other organic materials so keep them out of your skips. Do not overload the skip and ask for the skip hire company to collect it as soon as it is filled to capacity. Skips filled to the brim, sitting idle at a place are bound to invite the pests. Make sure you empty recyclable bottles and other containers so that we play our part toward a sustainable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective mini skip bins are for residential waste management?

Mini skip bins are the perfect choice for garden clean-ups, decluttering, party waste management or situations where you may be moving house.

Are mini skips environmentally-friendly?

Yes, they are! Most of the skip bin provider companies are committed to reducing the waste footprint and aim to send almost zero waste to landfill. When you hire a skip bin, skip bin companies can help achieve a recycling rate of over 80%.

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