How To Gear Up For The Recycle Week 2020

September is an eventful month for the recycling industry in the UK. For the past 17 years, we have been celebrating the recycling week this month with a certain flair and zeal that is hard to top off. This year with the surrounding being affected by a global pandemic and what seems like an eternal lockdown, there is still scope for some action that can be taken for spreading awareness about the importance of recycling. This year the Recycle Week runs from 20th to 27th September. Domestic as well as commercial parties can get involved with this wonderful campaign through baby steps like reusing the majority of plastic or glass bottles and such, or trying skip hire to clear out the rubbish that needs to be professionally recycled like your electronic waste. Here are simple ways to contribute to this amazing campaign and be an active part of the change we desire.

Spread the Word Through Social Media

With all the social distancing in place, the socializing of the human race has been limited to online platforms. If we consider this in a ‘glass half full’ manner, there is exponential potential for us to interact with everyone through the plethora of social media apps. There is immense power in raising awareness for a cause. The organizers, WRAP and Recycle Now, recommend using the hashtag RecycleWeek all week long demonstrating how you have successfully adopted recycling into your lifestyle and celebrating similar efforts. Instagram stories about the plants in recycled jars or tweets on how your neighbourhood gathers to tackle recycling as a collaborative project.

Have a Thorough Cleaning Session

Autumn is right around the corner and scheduling a weekend of deep cleaning sessions with the entire family can help you sort out some of the items in your closets that are recycle-worthy but have been suiting in there discreetly. The whole concept of Recycle Week is designed to encourage such practices throughout the year. Quick research for skip hires can be the perfect way to get the job done as several companies that rent out skips take up the task of separating the recycling pile and delivering the objects to their rightful destinations. This task kills two birds with one stone, celebrating the countrywide initiative and decluttering your houses.

Commercial Industries Can Set an Example

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is usually all talk and no action on the part of corporations. But this presents a golden opportunity for companies that associate themselves with the green Earth and environment protection initiative to demonstrate how they are doing their part in society. Several big names like Unilever and Sainsbury’s group have associated themselves with this movement in the past to show their solidarity to the cause and encouraged their customers and employees to partake in the same. Even the smallest of efforts like advising on how to recycle plastic toiletries like shampoo bottles and old toothbrushes can make a huge difference when an example is correctly set by the leading names in the corresponding industry. For example, the construction industry can opt for skip hires to get rid of the builder’s waste that can be rightly recycled and reused with the help of the agency.

Celebrate These Movements Fervently

All of us are well aware of the fact that our consumerism is extremely harmful to the environment and have heard elaborate speeches and talks on how we can bring about some change. Such movements show us how the actual implementation of the steps can be useful and deem to be a major cause for celebration. For example, in 2019 the campaign reached around 16 million people, and a whopping 91 percent of the crowd who was made aware of the initiative has recycled more than in the previous year. Approximately 89 percent of us now recycle and there has been a 34 percent increase observed in household recycling. In such grim times, such statistics are worth celebrating and the event is worth rooting for. These present a tiny ray of hope for humanity at the end of the cement and plastic-filled tunnels. WRAP has taken upon itself to provide toolkits for the commercial setups that associate with them to share with their audience and cater to the larger causes so look into the details and get prepped for the exciting Recycle Week 2020.

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