8 Points to Consider Before Getting a Skip Hire Service

Hiring a skip can be a stressful experience, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, it is essential to hire a skip to dispose of your waste, as carrying the rubbish on your own will be quite a hassle, and you will make several trips to the landfills.

There are a few points to consider before you hire a skip, such as the size of the skip, quantity of the waste, skip permit, waste management, and many more. Over the years, the demand for this has increased, so RMS Skip Hire has provided expert opinions on some of the most common concerns one goes through before hiring a skip.

Size of the Skip

Skip hire Bromley inquires about the garbage you have and suggests you skip size accordingly. The quantity of your waste will differ each time, which may not allow you to determine the perfect skip size for your trash. It is the job of your skip hire company to let you know the various dimensions of skips available with them.

Generally, the skip size depends on the amount of waste you have and how much space you have on your property. You surely do not want to hire a skip that is too small as you end up paying more, or it makes you hire another skip.

Type of Waste

Please identify what kind of waste you want to dispose of because hazardous materials are not allowed in the skip. Identifying waste will also determine an appropriate skip size and prevent unnecessary issues.

Safety Rules

These services always come with specific rules. However, it differs from council to council. Your council may require you to cover the skip adequately and highlight its location on the skip. It is mandatory to put safety lights on the skip. However, your skip hire company will tell you what needs to be done concerning rules and regulations. Please ensure that you do not finalize a skip company that does not guide you with safety rules; otherwise, you could end up paying a heavy fine. However, if you are going to place a skip on private land, the laws may not be applicable.

Quantity of Waste

Skip has weight restrictions, so it is essential to determine the quantity of your waste. Also, skip bins come in various sizes, including 2,6,8,10 and 12-yard skips, so it can be challenging to decide on skip size without determining the quantity of your waste. The amount of waste is even more applicable to people hiring a skip for commercial purposes.

Protect your Driveway

A skip is made of heavy metal, and it has the potential to damage certain kinds of driveways such as soft tarmac, resin or block paving; it can be easily avoided with the help of various methods such as placing down big planks of wood so skip can easily rest on it. Please remember that when the truck arrives to pick up your filled skip, it will make the truck heavier, and the pressure can damage the driveways. If you are confused about this, talk to your skip provider for the best suggestion.

Waste Management

Check the waste management policy with your skip-hire company. You must hire a company that follows all the rules and regulations for responsible waste management. I.e., your waste should be categorized into three categories- recyclable, biodegradable and non-recyclable. Depending upon these three categories, your trash will either be incinerated, taken to the energy facility, recycled or brought to the landfill.

Before choosing a skip-hire company, read and discuss their policies for eco-friendly waste disposal.

Skip Placement

Please find a perfect spot to place the skip and decide the number of hours for the placement. The length of time you need to place a skip is essential because some companies face heavy workloads during certain times of the year. Also, some skip-hire companies may need to plan it as it could affect their other tasks.

Placing a skip on public land can be problematic due to restrictions imposed by local councils or landowners. If you are unsure about where you can place your skip, it is always best to check with the skip hire Bromley.

Cost of Skip Hire

The skip price hire significantly depends on a range of factors. The larger the skip, the costlier it will be! Also, another contributing factor for the skip hire is the area you live in and the skip permit.

The average cost of skip hire varies across the UK. However, RMS Skip Hire offers the cheapest services in South East London and West Kent.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a reliable and trustworthy skip hire company such as Services is essential. We have many years of experience in the field, and our team has profound knowledge of the entire skip-hiring process. They also discard the waste in an eco-friendly manner. If you still have questions about what points to consider before hiring a skip, call us at +44 20 8131 0044 or visit us online to learn more about our services.

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