6 Points Every Builder Should Consider Before Hiring a Skip Company

Managing waste, especially construction waste, can be quite strenuous when you have other important things to focus on. As a builder, efficient waste management might not be something that comes at the top of your priority list, but there’s no escaping it! Hence, the best alternative for hassle-free waste management is to hire a Skip company. Looking to hire builder skips in London? Here are the top 6 points you should know while choosing the best Skips for you.

Hiring a Builder Skip? Here is what you should know.

1. The size you need

Every project is different, and so is the quantity of waste they generate. The first vital thing you should consider before hiring a Skip is the volume of waste produced at your construction site. And, based on that, you can decide the appropriate size of skip you will require. Builder skips come in various sizes like 4-yard, 6-yard, 8-yard, and 10 yards. Not all companies will have the correct sized skip for you, and hiring a skip that is either too big or too small will make waste management difficult for workers.

Tip – Transporting skips/bins that are overflowing is illegal. So, it is always recommended to hire slightly bigger skips.

2. The Cost You Will Be Paying

Hiring a skip is not as cheap as you think. So, select a company that values your money. Different companies will quote different prices for your requirements. Thoroughly compare the rates provided by firms in your area and eliminate those charging more than competitive rates. Compare the prices provided by at least five to six Skip Hire companies. Looking for budget-friendly builder skips in London? Visit us.

3. Study the Permit Requirements

If the skip is to be placed on a public road, you’ll require a skip permit, also known as a Skip license. You have to obtain a skip permit from your local council before the arrival of the skip; otherwise, you may be liable for a fine. Have a prior discussion and mutually decide whether they will apply for the permit or you should. You should plan and apply for a license beforehand, as it will take at least a few days to get permission.

4. Check Their Recycling Policy

Efficiently managing your waste is your responsibility. So, you must hire a company that abides by all the rules and regulations of responsible waste disposal. If they fail to do so, it can lead to environmental pollution and adversely impact the earth. Before choosing a skip hire company, read their recycling policy and make sure that they don’t dispose of the waste in water bodies or throw it on barren land. The ideal procedure is to collect the garbage from your site, segregate recycling material from it and lastly, get rid of the remaining dump on an authorised barren land.

5. Customer Support

Waste management is not only limited to picking up waste from your site. The nature of waste management varies with every project. You might need help at all the stages, from applying for a permit to helping the laborers load the waste. Hence, it is essential to hire a company that can assist you throughout the process. Their team should be prompt to reply and happy to help when the need arises.

6. Type of Skip- Mixed or Inert?

There are two main types of wastes – Mixed & Inert. As the name suggests, mixed waste can be anything from bulky appliances to builder’s waste and household junk. Inert waste is the stuff that does not decompose and should be disposed of separately. It includes rubble, soil, cement, sand, etc. Most construction project builders prefer hiring an Inert waste skip is profitable as it is less costly. However, for waste that falls under the mixed waste category, you should go for a mixed-waste Skip.

Conclusion –

There are many benefits of efficient garbage management. You play your part in saving the environment by using eco-friendly junk removal. The safety on the worksite increases and as a consequence, productivity increases. Hire a Builder Skip in London from RMS Skips and leave the rest to us. For further details, contact our team at 0208 131 0044 or visit www.rmsskips.com

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