11 Things to Know About Skip Hire Waste Removal

We all deal with waste removal but often find it tedious because it requires a lot of research, detailing, and arrangement. If the amount of waste is small, it may not be a concern. We produce significant trash from projects such as renovations, business, or expansion waste. Waste removal is demanding, but RMS Skip Hire finds the best ways to remove your garbage correctly.

Skip hire Bromely helps you to get rid of your waste. If you do not know what skip hire is or are new to hiring waste management services, we are here to show the points you should know regarding skip hire waste removal.

Skip Hire for Waste Removal

The process of waste removal involves getting rid of waste from your home, office or any construction site. RMS Skip Hire removes debris quickly, effectively, and promptly. Our waste disposal services have eco-friendly techniques, and we can dispose of all types of waste.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Skip

1. Waste type

Knowing your waste type is essential as you will know if the skip hire company collects the kind of waste you are generating. The skip size can be decided based on the waste type and the garbage amount.

Regular skips will not be used if your waste is hazardous or has chemicals. There are classifications of waste based on its composition. Visit your skip provider’s website to know it, or call them to understand the type of waste in detail.

2.  Skip Size

Your skip size will be determined by the amount of waste you have generated. Not all companies will have the ideal sized skip for your requirement. Please go through the skip sizes they are offering and calculate the skip size based on the volume of your waste.

Skip price is directly dependent on the skip size. Remember that transporting overflowing skip is illegal, so it is advisable to go for a slightly bigger skip. Also, your skip provider may not collect the waste if it is overloaded.

3. Compare the Quotes

Whenever you need to hire a skip, it is always good to research first. The skip hire company must value your money and give you security. Ask various skip hire companies for quotes and have a fair comparison. You will find that some companies may charge more than the usual skip hire rates.

4. Skip Permit

You may not need a skip permit if your waste is on your driveway or private property. You need to own the land where you intend to park the skip. But if you want to park a skip on a public road, you must get a skip permit. RMS Skip Hire can help you with a skip permit from the local authority and ease your worries.

5. Service Cost

The skip-hiring services generally include delivery, rent for skip hire, and collection and recycling of the waste at the licensed facilities. Skip size is not the only factor in deciding the price of a skip; it also involves the number of hours for which you hire a skip. It would be helpful to discuss it with your skip provider to get a precise quote.

6. Time-Saving

Hiring a skip will save time as you do not have to do it alone. You can peacefully focus on other essential tasks, and it will allow you to plan out the activities at ease.

7. Recycle the Waste

We are responsible for the garbage we create; while discarding things, we must remember to dump it in an environmentally friendly manner; otherwise, it will harm the environment, which can severely affect mother earth. When choosing a skip hire company, ensure that they have a licensed recycling plant and an acceptable recycling policy. Inquire about how much of your waste will go for recycling and what all will go to landfills. It will also help you in the future to be mindful while purchasing things.

8. Qualifications

Please check whether your skip hire company is qualified enough to provide waste removal services for effective waste removal. Please ensure that they provide proper training to their staff and all the necessary safety gear; it is essential as their team may get exposed to hazardous material, and you will naturally expect them to handle risk factors.

9. Customer support

Customer support will help you in times of distress. The nature of waste varies, so it is crucial to be in a position where you can call customer support if the problem arises. Generally, a good skip hire company provides a customer support helpline and promptly responds to their client’s queries.

10. Reliability and Reputation of a Company

Please check if you can entirely rely on your skip hire provider as waste removal involves several tasks. You will not be able to take care of it single-handedly. Read the testimonials of their previous customers on their website or read their reviews online.

11. Skip Location

Last but not least, you have to decide well in advance where you are planning to keep the skip; It will be easier for the skip hire company to arrange a skip accordingly. Also, it would be best to communicate with your neighbors, so they do not face any difficulties.


RMS Skip is the cheapest skip hire company in South East London and West Kent. Our various skip sizes collect your waste on time and recycle it at our licensed plants. We help you plan for your waste removal effectively.


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