9 Ways to Make Waste Removal Cheap

Many people need to pay more attention to how expensive it is to remove the load of rubbish. Being mindful of the amount of waste you generate will save you a lot of money. However, RMS Skip hire can help you manage your waste at an affordable price. 

Many of our customers ask about the cost of waste removal, but there is no one size fit for all solutions! The clearance cost depends on the type of waste you have generated, the volume of junk, and the number of days you need to hire a skip. 

This blog will show you ways to eliminate waste with the help of the cheapest skip-hire company in the UK. RMS Skip hire has prepared a few points to show you how to reduce the cost of your skip-hire services.

1. Recycle

You should not discard your items because you no longer use them! The best way is to make good use of unused items by recycling them. You can ask your skip hire company if they recycle the collected waste to reduce the environmental impacts. It will also make you a part of the green economy and save you some money. 

2. Donate

You can paint your old dresser to give it a new life or move it to your garage as a tool storage unit. If you are not willing to use it, you can donate it to someone if it is in good condition. Before you dispose of anything, please inquire with skip hire if it can be reused by someone else. 

Donating it to someone is a better option than dumping it into waste. However, there are some strict guidelines to be followed regarding donation, such as your item must be in a ready-to-use condition. 

3. Sell Your Used Items 

You can also earn a little money by selling your used items. There are some online platforms to sell your old stuff. You can also take the help of social media to sell your items that are in good condition. It would help if you listed it down all such times with its price to facilitate sales before you put it on social media or any website. 

4. Council Collections 

Contact your local council if you need waste collection services. They offer pickup services for a variety of waste collection. You must separate your waste into the correct category and have it ready the night before your scheduled pick-up. However, there is a specific limit to what your local council collects, and there may be a cap on how often they do this. Please ensure you know all the rules and regulations of your council waste collection. 

5. Reduce The Amount Of Waste

All skip companies charge by the volume or cubic meter of what they will have to transport for you. It means you can cut costs by making your waste take up less space. If you have a pile of wood or metal, then your skip hire company will charge less than a whole or intact piece of furniture. Taking care of the amount of waste means you will reduce the cost. 

6. Compost Waste

You can compost natural rubbish to fuel the rest of your garden. Organic compost fertilizer creates nutrients that can feed your plants. However, it only works with specific materials and requires a decent container to accommodate all the rubbish when it breaks down.

7. Dismantle The Discarded Items

Before you hire a skip, do some homework! Break down the bulk waste as much as possible. The more you break down, the cheaper the skip hire will be! If you do not know what to break down, call RMS Skip, and our professional will guide you. You can dismantle your wardrobes and dressers. The bottom line is that your waste should take up as little space as possible, and making a list will help you with it. 

8. Order the Right Size Of Skip

Ordering the right size skip will significantly impact how much the waste removal costs you. If you order a bigger size than required, you will have a space inside the skip. That’s why it will help if you consult skip hire Bromley to get the exact size to load the waste. We highly recommend you get the correct size to prevent you from paying what you do not need. 

9. Visit The Dump

If you have a vehicle, you can fill it to the brim and take it to the dump yard on your own; This is one of the cheapest ways to discard your waste. However, your vehicle is unlikely to have the required space to accommodate your debris. But please ensure the cost for the times you will have to go to the landfill. Another cheap option is to hire a skip from RMS Skip to avoid making a trip to the dump. 

The Cheapest Waste Removal In Bromley 

RMS Skip Hire is a UK-based company that has consistently helped out the residents of the UK with their waste management issues. You can request a quote from us. We will let you know the price based on the rubbish you want to dispose of. If you are new to skip hire or need a solution for waste removal, call us at +44 20 8131 0044 or visit our website to book a skip

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